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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yup, as some of you may or may not know, I was in the ER last Tuesday and it was my first time going there for myself. Let me tell you I hope I never have to do that again. My stomach was nauseous from the fact that I had to be there, and seeing some of the people there in the waiting room or that came in didn't ease the sickness either.  I had just gotten back from Cali the night before after a miserable 10 hr drive and didn't expect to end up here. For about a week before my regular OB apt that Tuesday morning, I had been experiencing horrible pain near my tailbone, and I thought oh its just the baby pushing on the tailbone and it was a part of the whole being pregnant deal. I could hardly walk, sitting down was miserable even though that is all you want to do being pregnant, and sleeping was pretty much non existent with first being prego and trying to get comfortable and two the excruciating pain I had when I tried to roll over from side to side, with out rolling on my back.  I thought I was going to die if it was going to be like this for the rest of the pregnancy, Tylenol did absolutely nothing but maybe ease the pain a little bit for me to be able to interact with family without looking miserable.
Well, as I go to my scheduled 2 wk follow up appointment with my obgyn, I cringed as I tried to sit on the bed they have to check your belly and the baby's heartbeat. I immediately told him I couldn't lay on my back and he proceeded to lay me on my side somewhat and do the regular routine then had me flip over to look at my tailbone. Without any hesitation he said I needed to go straight to the ER from here because I had a cyst that needed to be drained or removed. I wanted to burst into tears because that was the last thing i wanted to hear, I was expecting him to say, well that's just apart of being pregnant and here is some medicine to help with the pain. All I can say is I am SO glad my mom was with me, otherwise I would have had to go by myself until Steven got there after class. We waited for about an hr in the waiting room and I was getting so antsy trying to sit still, I just wanted it to be over with. I went up to ask how much longer and she said there were no more beds, but then called me up about 5 min later to say they didn't realize I had been there for so long and they were taking me back. Hooray. I got dressed in the beautiful hospital gown and anxiously waited for the Dr. to tell me what was going to happen. The nurse was really nice and that definitely helped. Well it turns out that I had a Pilonidal cyst that was about a half a golf ball size, ouch, and it needed to be drained which meant, they had to give me a numbing shot (which turned out to be one of the worst parts) then they would cut open the cyst and let it drain and pack it with cotton afterwards to keep it open and prevent the cut from healing on the outside and then building up again on the inside. They did give me some pain meds for the pain afterwards as well as antibiotics and said I had to come back in 2 days to take out the cotton and see what to do next. ughh I thought I was done. It did feel better later that day but I was still super sore and very slow to move. (again thank goodness for mom!) The dreadful Thursday rolled around and we went back to the er, luckily went right into the room, and the Dr looked at it and took out the cotton, so fun, and told me i might need surgery or to meet with a specialist. Luckily that Dr was there that day and was aware of my case from the previous Dr on Tuesday, and wanted to see me right away. Oh yes i walked across the hospital in my gown, feeling super awkward and met with the surgeon/specialist. Luckily the good news comes and after poking me with a few q-tips almost bringing me to tears, he said he didn't want to do surgery since i was so far along pregnant and that he thought I would be fine with the antibiotics and keeping the area open. wait what?!  My lucky husband gets to open my wound each day with a q-tip and peroxide to clean it. Lovely.
 Now for those of you who don't know what this type of cyst is (because I didn't) its gross. and it can happen to anyone, but I was the lucky winner to get it while pregnant. I would never wish this upon anyone. Needless to say, as of today, I haven't taken any Tylenol or anything for pain and its been manageable. I'm thankful for my wonderful mother who was here to help take care of my and set up our apartment more after we just moved in, and also my husband who has been right by my side if I need anything and is always asking how I'm doing. Now that i have written a novel, I should probably stop, but if I didn't write this experience down somewhere I know I would forget..ok maybe not.

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  1. Oh my crap I assumed this was an ovarian cyst and those totally suck but this sounds AWFUL! Thank goodness for wonderful moms and fantastic hubbys! Let me know if you need anything!


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